About Me

Hi, I Am Lori Triden

First, I am a Mom of 2 beautiful adult daughters and one sassy feline named Daisy.

But also, I am a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. My knowledge extends from Health Coach Training from IIN. I am also certified as a Neuroencoding Specialist and a Reiki II practitioner. I have experience in personal coaching both privately and for holistic health providers. Additionally, I have extensive training on a wide variety of supplements and alternative modalities.

All that information is relevant but doesn’t really tell you who I am and my story. If you are interested if you can resonate with my journey read below.

My Journey To Coaching

My journey to coaching is long and winding. I have had an autoimmune disease for over 30 years. Yep, I started young. This was a time, at least in my world, where doctors and medications were the only thing known or considered. I was in an environment where my pain wasn’t to be acknowledged. I moved through medications due to side effects. Ultimately, being hospitalized for life threatening reactions three different times. I completely stumbled upon the most basic of holistic approaches. It was literally an ad for a book on the TV while in the hospital. I was desperate. 

It started with a simple short detox diet, adding some supplements, and purifying my water. But once I started to feel better off medications I was HOOKED. I spent countless amounts of money and time trying anything on the internet to get me the rest of the way there. Occasionally, I would find something that did help. Best of all, it worked to heal my body not just mask the symptoms.  

Even though I had some success, I couldn’t find the right combination. And sticking to these routines was a struggle. Life got in the way – I had a baby, or got a new stressful job, or a loved one died, or I got a divorced. The list of derailments was endless. Thankfully, some part of me has been relentless in starting over and trying again. I cannot believe how different my life is now. I am so grateful for all of the learnings. I am on a continuous healing journey in all ways – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

My focus now is to spend my time supporting people and learning along the way. My goal is to be a safe but motivating space to help you change your mind set and your habits and your LIFE. But most importantly, to encourage you to dig deep to find and embrace the very best parts of yourself.

I do and share all of this while acknowledging that I live this path passionately but imperfectly. I choose empathy and compassion for myself and others at every opportunity.

I cannot wait to be witness to your wins! 
Thank you.

My Vision... My Mission... 

Mission: To empower individuals to embrace the changes that support the embodiment of their best selves.

Vision: A beautiful world created by all of us showing up wholeheartedly.