Be the Authentically True You!

Are you feeling frustrated with your life and your health? Find yourself caught up in the day-to-day and missing that passion and vitality?

You see glimpses of the light inside you, but you can’t seem to maintain the momentum to harness it.

You have dabbled in all kinds of self-care, read self-help books, followed the inspiring content creators, made attempts at changing your eating habits or started exercising. You enjoyed it only to have something in life disrupt your progress.

It feels like there is some invisible force holding you back from making the right choices even though you know what they are.

You know there is a strong, confident, radiant women inside you.

I see you and I have been you.

What if I could help you get to the heart of what holds you back? Even better, if I could help you use the natural power inside of you to make changes faster and without all of the struggle?

What if you could stand in your power and feel like your best self? What would that change for you?

You can choose to stay stuck. You can justify the excuses that hold you back. I know they are good ones, right? But think about where you will be a year from now, five years from now? Do you want to be in the same place, feeling the same things?

Let’s dig in and get you moving toward the life you want.

I have spent the last 10 years learning techniques and tools and helping women like you find a better way. Let’s find YOUR best path together!

What I Offer For Good Health ?

Wellness Coach

Coach and mentorship on how to build your health and well-being. Using the best diet plan and supplementation for your lifestyle, regular movement, better sleep, and stress management.


Balancing body and mind utilizing your nervous system and using techniques that make reaching goals seem effortless.

Why Choose Authentically True U ? ? ?

Benefit of joining our programs

Transparent Communication

Expect clear and transparent communication about your coaching process, fees, scheduling, and what you will anticipate during coaching sessions.

Positive Psychology and Strengths-Based Coaching

Rooted positive approach psychology, here we focused on building our clients' strengths and fostering resilience. This positive outlook helps clients develop a growth mindset and face challenges with confidence.

Continuous Support

We provide continuous support via email, progress check-ins, and encouragement. Our commitment doesn't end with the session; we're dedicated to your well-being.

Holistic Wellness Emphasis

Our coaching goes beyond addressing physical health alone. We recognize the importance of mental, emotional, and social well-being so we work with the whole person.

Successful Stories From Our clients

Working with Lori has been a great experience and has helped me see that my goals are achievable.
I started working with Lori in an effort to minimize and/or solve autoimmune symptoms and weight issues. Her style of coaching is relaxed yet very informative. I’ve never felt judged for my past failures in taking control of my eating etc. She is so motivating, and I’ve learned a lot about how to handle my triggers in order to reach my goals. I highly recommend Lori because she is so easy to work with and truly cares about helping others to reach their goals and to feel better.
I started working with Lori to refresh my mind (Reboot My Brain!) on the basics of self-care. Life seemed to be blending into a giant lump. I was seeking a way to separate everything I had going on in order to set focus or FEEL more focused.
I found Lori's coaching style to be...simply put exactly what I needed. Lori's Holistic approach helped me realize my "giant lump of life" has many moving parts. Once we started discussing each "part of the lump" I was able to realize each part needed to be in balance. I needed a reboot...
I liked working with Lori for many reasons. I always left our sessions feeling like I had made small breakthroughs in understanding myself. This helped me focus on what I should be working on to achieve my goals.
I appreciated the sessions because the information I walked away with was easy for me to implement into my life. In one of our first sessions, I was journaling a few quick responses pertaining to our topic and finding myself flustered with those random responses. Lori said... "It's ok. Take your time. There are no wrong answers". From that moment on...I knew I was in the right place!
Lori helped me find my self-motivation. I appreciated the way the process had me acknowledging my past and current accomplishments. The process also led to some real ‘ah-ha’ moments. I have a better understanding of how all areas of my life impact my health and well-being. I really appreciate all the process has done for me. I appreciated her style. She was easy to talk to and open up about things that helped me make the breakthroughs.
Gut Health For Women

Gut Health Empowerment for Women

A Holitics approach to optimizing digestion